The first question we get asked is … what’s Kawaii?

It’s hard to imagine that today, someone still hasn’t heard the word. Every kids store in the mall has a Sanrio/Hello Kitty section. Most times people see smiling sushi or a happy cloud and they immediately identify with it as being Kawaii. Overall, we simply tell them, if it’s cuter than cute – it’s Kawaii.

The next question we often get is … so what is a Kawaii Notebook?

There are countless places where people slap random graphics on notebooks and call them Kawaii Notebooks – but there is only one KawaiiNotebooks.com, and this is no accident. This is because there is only one Kawaii Notebook!

The Kawaii Notebook is small, at 4.5″ x 6″. So cute! The Kawaii Notebook is 140 pages, which makes it a useful tool, and above all, it’s cuter than cute. Yes, we could produce notebooks of all sizes, in fact – at Fusello, our parent company, we do, about more than Kawaii. However, notebooks of all sizes aren’t Kawaii.

Kawaii Notebooks offer three page options.
1. The Kawaii Classic Notebook.
2. The Amazing 3 Month Agenda
3. The Go Anywhere Travel Journal

So by choosing the artwork you love best, and the page type that meets your needs – you’ve built yourself a custom Kawaii Notebook that’s all about you! How cute is that? SO CUTE!

Now how about the cover art?

The goal at Kawaii Notebooks has been to bring together the key artists that people around the world most recognize as being the producers of authentic Kawaii art. Not just that they can make things similar to what you see in stores – these are the artists that created the art, the art style and the original works that everyone else is trying to be. These ARE the people who are truly Kawaii.

At KawaiiNotebooks.com, their art is recognized, and not watered down. There is one product, the Kawaii Notebook, fairly priced, well constructed and delivered with love to true fans of the art. Our partnered artists receive equal pay for their works, after all – without them, there are simply notebooks, and those are available anywhere.

What’s most important, you’ll never see an artist’s work featured next to someone else’s stolen graphics from the web. You won’t see their amazing prints next to a stick figure drinking a beer, or a picture of Aunt Matilda’s cat. This isn’t Cafe Press. It’s the originators of the unique, powerful, long lasting and beloved Kawaii Art the world cherishes, coming together to create the only notebook on the planet that can be considered Kawaii – the Kawaii Notebook.

… and now that you’ve asked, you know.

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