For Bloggers & Reviewers: Here’s the thing with free stuff. Everyone wants it, but in the end, it costs us money and we have to pass that cost on to people who actually pay for items. So this is how the blogger/reviewer thing works.

If you’re one the cool Bloggers and have a personal blog, video channel, really impressive social media following or something else that you want to talk about us on – buy something and do it. If you say nice stuff, send us a link to see it. If we see even one sale come in as a result of what you’ve done, we’ll send you a goodie bag of stuff you’ll really enjoy! You know, books and buttons and fun Kawaii things like that…. maybe even some secret stuff you don’t see on the site.

However, we do know you want to keep shining your light, and somehow, people think free stuff helps to do that. We will give you some cool free stuff, but we’re looking for this up front.

  • Your Name is an obvious thing.
  • Your Email Address, so we can chat.
  • Your earthly location. You can be outside the country, sure, but our website sells to the US.
  • Full URL/address to your blog / channel.
  • Short description of your blog / channel & the number of followers or subscribers you have.
  • Please point us to the public review that you have made … we’re hoping it’s positive.
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