Kawaii Classic Notebooks are the perfect notebook for keeping pocket journals, daily diary writing, or even for taking notes in class or work meetings. They’re guaranteed to stand out! Kawaii Classic Notebooks are loved by travelers and note takers for their durability and quality design.

Kawaii Notebook art covers are all available in the Kawaii Classic Notebook Page Style. They’re SO CUTE!!


– Sturdy Perfect Binding
– Moisture Resistant Cover Stock
– 140 Write-ready Page Sides
– Unique Branded Cover Art From Classic Artists
– Paper: 90 gsm, White, Lined
– 4.5×6 Inches – A Super Cute Pocket Style

Kawaii Notebooks and Agendas - The ONLY fun and collectible pocket notebook to bear the name Kawaii!

What can you do with your Kawaii Notebook? Well … take notes, YA! – maintain your schedule, compare the heights of mountains you’ll climb, keep your holiday shopping list, plan your dream vacation, write love notes, draw pictures of your friends, write the longest words you can think of – like ANTIDISESTABLISHMENTARIANISM or SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS … *whew*… keep a diary of course, write down your homework, keep a list of people to call when you’re bored and the things you want to tell them about, make a statement you can look back on later and appreciate, or just line your collection of notebooks up on a shelf and marvel at how awesome they are! SO CUTE! The list is endless, and it starts with your first Kawaii Notebook. Above all, make sure you have fun!