Kawaii Travel Journals are the perfect companion for remembering all you saw, for taking notes about the places you want to re-visit online when you get home and to record contact information for new friends you meet during your experiences. Take your journey home with you in a Kawaii Travel Journal.

Kawaii Notebook art covers are all available in the Kawaii Travel Journal Page Style. They’re SO CUTE!!


– Sturdy Perfect Binding
– Moisture Resistant Cover Stock
– 140 Write-ready Page Sides
– Unique Branded Cover Art From Classic Artists
– Paper: 90 gsm, White, Lined
– 4.5×6 Inches – A Super Cute Pocket Style

  • Kawaii Notebooks - The ONLY fun and collectible pocket notebook to bear the name Kawaii!
  • Kawaii Notebooks - The ONLY fun and collectible pocket notebook to bear the name Kawaii!

This “Go Anywhere Journal” is made to take on the go!

– Personal contact page in case “Journal Is Found.”
– 6 pages to list key places you’ll research later on the web.
– 132 two page spreads with:
– New Contacts Note Area
– Daily Notes Section
– Important Things To Remember Section
– Full Page To Write About Your Experiences

Start each trip with a Travel Journal to take the journey home with you! The best part of arriving home is being able to recall all the cool things you did when you tell your family and friends about the journey. it’s even cooler to be able to store all the contact information of the new friends you’ve made … phone numbers, emails and mailing addresses. Make friends for life and keep in touch easily.

By making daily notes, you’ll be able to recall what the street name was of that awesome museum you went to, the funny thing you had on the dinner menu, the website of that shop you wanted to buy stuff from when you got home. it will all be right there when you open your journal.

Take a different journal wherever you go! You’ll have volumes of information to showcase your adventures and the best part – with your Kawaii Notebook’s sturdy spline and durability – you’ll have them forever. let the adventure begin!