Our Kawaii Notebooks enjoy shipping through the trusted resources of Amazon delivery services and ship by way of UPS and the USPS where applicable.

Using Amazon and their superior tracking capabilities and shipping schedules, we can get your new product to you fastest and with the most professional methods available.

Have no fear! They will both be in your hands shortly.

Where do you ship and how much does it cost?

We ship nationally, inside the United States, and right now we do it for a flat rate of $5.95; regardless of how big your online retail purchase is. That number adjusts for Wholesale Lot Purchases and is priced at the time of order. Our parent company restricted overseas delivery in early 2019 due to trade restrictions, cost over runs, tariffs and competition. There are many companies around the world who provide equally impressive materials like we do, and it’s unfair to market directly to customers who will ultimately pay heavier delivery fees to get Kawaii Notebooks directly from our website, when in their own back yard (or country), they will otherwise find companies that support their interests locally.

We are a Southern California based publishing house and we manufacture our tangible products inside the United States. To accompany this practice, we deliver to, and support, US based retail businesses and retail customers to keep pricing reasonable. If customers are looking to find Kawaii Notebooks that they can purchase for delivery in their home country, products are available through Amazon stores world wide and can be purchased through Amazon Internationally. Searching Amazon by title, ASIN number or SKU will help to make a purchase directly through Amazon. When applicable, we will provide a link with each product, or you can email a request for corresponding numbers.

So in regards to shipping costs US nationally, when you order on the website, it’s a $5.95 flat rate shipping on any standard retail order. Order as many or as much as you like! For wholesale purchases, submit your order and we will deliver a purchase order with price totals including shipping.


Returns aren’t something we’re accustomed to at Kawaii Notebooks. People simply love their purchases! If for some reason your order was delivered damaged, the US Post Office has protocol to investigate issues regarding the damage. Start there and proceed with informing us of how the Post Office will resolve the issue. It will be the buyers responsibility to return the damaged product to us for replacement, or refund. If we found the product to be sub-par due to our mistake, ex: printing issues; we will likely re-ship a replacement. If you simply want your money back, that most likely won’t happen, but you can ask.

Because we use the trusted packaging and shipping that Amazon provides, we have never seen a product delivered damaged, and with our parent company, that’s over a million books shipped and counting! Imagine that margin. However, if someone damaged the books, the information that arrives with your packing slip will offer contact information at Amazon to have your situation dealt with in a timely manner. We trust Amazon, they’re really good! You can always contact us to help with damaged goods issues.